Should I Master My Beats for Selling?

6 Aug , 2018 music

Do you want to sell beats but are confused about whether you should upload mastered or unmastered versions. Stick around, […]

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Loudness Across Different Streaming Platforms

6 Aug , 2018 music

Competition in Loudness Loudness in streaming is one of the hottest topics right now among artists and producers everywhere. In […]

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Time….. The Mixing Engineers Greatest Teacher!

21 Oct , 2017 music

My first mix, and every other subsequent mix over the following couple of years had problems. I wanted the punchy big kick that one of my idols seemed so effortlessly to achieve in everything he put out, I wanted the space and size of the ambiance in Noah Shebibs sound, I wanted the harshness and distortion to stop happening every time I finished mastering......

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