Time….. The Mixing Engineers Greatest Teacher!

21 Oct , 2017 music

Time….. The Mixing Engineers Greatest Teacher!

Time….. The Mixing Engineers Greatest Teacher!

No Experience

Years ago, I sat mixing my first beat. I had compressors on every track, plugins with presets promising bigger bottom end and high quality mastering, and a HUGE lack of experience.


It takes time for the human ear to be trained to recognize different frequencies, and even longer for the brain to be able to separate those frequencies and decide if they clash or complement each other.

My first mix, and every other subsequent mix over the following couple of years had problems. I wanted the punchy big kick that one of my idols seemed so effortlessly to achieve in everything he put out, I wanted the space and size of the ambiance in Noah Shebibs sound, I wanted the harshness and distortion to stop happening every time I finished mastering, but to see the source of my problems I had to first be able to work out what was happening. Over time, I started to hear the distinct differences in my beats and the ones I tried to emulate. The difference was always there, but as my experience grew, i could pick them out more and knew from there what i was actually trying to fix.



If I could go back i’m not sure what I would tell myself. The journey of learning seems to be at a rate I can live with. I feel like taking the time to learn new mixing techniques, analyzing others music, and sitting with the level of work i was putting out at the time, gave me a good perspective and enough time to absorb everything i was exploring.

Learning to mix music takes time, but all that time amounts to experience, whether your experiencing what not to do, or you happen to find something that does work.


Some producers outsource their mixing and that’s fine, but the extra insight into being able to perceive the end result before it gets there, is priceless in my book, and besides, there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of turning a lit beat into a sonically beautiful and dynamic piece of music that anyone would be proud to have made.

So the message out there to new music producers, student audio engineers, and anyone wanting a better sound is…. Keep At It!

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