Hi I’m Tommy Nutter

I’m a freelance Mix Engineer and Music Producer with four years of experience helping up and coming artists achieve the sound they need to become commercially viable.

I pride myself in giving these rising artists the launchpad they need to hit the UK music scene hard!

My clientele include  UK Artists Sausage Spine, Filth Mitchell, Well Mannered Scumbag, Onoe Caponoe, High Focus Records and PAVIA

In my spare time I write a blog about sound engineering , make banging instrumentals and my goal is to make high quality mixing and production available to everyone.


What I Can Do For You


The art of mixing is about balance, emotion, movement and groove. Whether you have a multitrack song that you need to sound huge and powerful, or you have a vocal recording that you need to sound crisp and loud over a beat, an amazing mix is key in conveying your message to your fans.



Mastering is the process of bringing the volume of your mixed song up to commercial standards, optimising the mix for the listener depending on the final media (streaming or CD), and adding final touches that modify and further enhance the stereo image. I always advise using a seperate Mastering Engineer to get the best out of your music.


Music production is offered in two forms here at ItsTommyNutter. In my Beat Store you can lease instrumentals for your specific purpose, whether exclusive or on a limited basis. I also offer custom music production in all genres. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Want to know which package best suits your needs? Click to see Pricing and Order Your Mix!

Premium Mix Package

Mastering Included

No need to seek out a separate Mastering Engineer. Your project will be in very capable hands from start to completion.

Radio Ready

You’ll receive a Clean Edit of your song, ready to submit to BBC Introducing, and an Acapella to shop round to DJs for Remixes.

Love Your Mix Guarantee

Unlimited Revisions – My Job isn’t done until you’re 100% satisfied.

Are You Ready For The Come Up?

Need Instrumentals for your Next Big Song? Checkout My Beat Store!

What My Clients Say

Tommy is easy to work with, very creative and skillful. for high quality service with a great engineer and overall cool guy hit up Mr. Nutter!

Isaiah the 3rd

Super speedy with delivery !!! quick delivery upon asking for modifications also. would definitely recommend ! Amazing work.

Ian Versey

Tommy was very patient and professional! answered all my questions and gave insight feedback on my project! Tommy brought back to life an Abum recorded on a Gateway computer back in 2001. I thank him so much and will do this again on future album!

CJ Davis

We’ve worked with Tommy on a couple of tracks and both experiences were incredible. He went above our expectations and added elements to the track that we never expected. We will continue to work with him in the future.

Ben 9times

Tommy is an ideal audio engineer! My music has been taken to another level working with him. I highly recommend! If you’re looking for a professional, he’s your guy!

RG Frequency

Sick Talented Guy. Knows exactly how to get them drums knockin’ and that bass hittin’ your chest hard. My vocal has never sounded this good before!!!

Filth Mitchell Manchester Hip Hop Artist

Very Very fast. Thank you for your service

Kristobufi Brazilian Musician

Very professional and fast service. He maintains excellent communication with his customers and ensures you get what you need. I’ll definitely purchase his services again.

Geonitous Rapper, El Paso


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